Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wild life clashes with home life

When you lead sort of double lives there are so many things you have to be wary of. I live a pretty structured life and when its time to let loose I go to the nearest and cheapest place possible. The bar down the street from my house. The name of the place is Daytonas and it is all varnished light colored oak inside, with a 1950's checkered floor along the bar, cheap industrial carpet floors the rest of the space and black pleather bar stools and chairs. There is a mirror that lines the back wall against the bar where you can see me now checking my hair and facial expressions when I say something that amuses myself. All my best friends know how prone I am to bouts of vanity especially when I am under the influence. The bartenders are all my friends, the owner is my friend, most of (the ones worth their salt) the construction workers, car hands, manual laborers, lawyers, car salesmen, shriners that come into this place are my friends.
I love the fact that this bar is mostly men customers they are a lot easier to talk to than women for many reasons. They dont get territorial of people or spots at the bar, they know relatively sometimes with a few quick clues how close they may stand or whether or not they may hug or be affectionate. The best part is that they buy you a drink most of the time.
My history with the ladies of this bar leaves me skeptical of most of the other women that come here. There is a lady Renea that is a total headcase she is sweet as she can be but always bitterly embroiled in some drama with her daughter or her Momma eek ick stay away-
My latest friend I have made at the bar is 47 year old Hawaiian man that lives right up the street from me. He is really cool. He has his own lock and key business and is a master lock smith(kind of scary but may be beneficial), has a Harley, and a huge truck. The only problem is that he is single and looking for a lady.
So the other day he rode to my house on his Harley and my Aunt Cat came out and he asked her if I was home(and of course I wasnt). Boy she could hardly wait for me to come home to tell me that Id had a gentleman caller! Her first question was "Gee where'd you meet him?" As this rolled out of her mouth I could honestly say that Id met him in the neighborhood up the street teaching his 6 year old little girl how to ride a bike. Whew! Not only that he lived right beside some of her friends from garden club.
Even though I had let this kind man pay for rounds and rounds of drinks and partied at his house it felt good that my worlds had not collided yet! Whew until next time-