Saturday, February 11, 2012

Comments for you and for me

There is one thing I just cannot help myself when it comes to reading other peoples comments on NPR stories, restaurant reviews on yahoo, and any general public forum. I could spend hours reading about what other people think and decide to display as there personal opinions. Some of them can be awful haughty and rude and others very informative and force people to take a look in the mirror. I just had to share a review and a counter comment on it about a Mexican restaurant here in town. Enjoy-

by Vickie
We took our grandson here for his birthday because he loves Mexican food, I ask the waiter if they did anything for children on their birthday he said yes, they brought him a free desert and sang happy birthday to him and put a sombreo on his head. I went and paid our check and as we were walking out the guy ask for the sombreo back. My grandson thought that he got to keep the sombreo, and I thought that also. But nope we had to give it back, my grandson was so disappointed......I had to make him take it off and give it back. I wished I had never even ask if they did anything for birthdays.....The thing couldnt cost more than a few bucks, I would have even paid for it.......I mean gosh it was the childs birthday. This really upset me, I will never go back here again.
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Jason - 01/03/12
It seems crazy to expect them to hand over a sombrero, do you have any idea how much they actually cost??? I have eaten there numerous times with my family and it is fabulous each and every time.The food is beyond amazing at a extremely reasonable price. They sang happy birthday to your grandson, they gave him free desert...they made your grandson feel special. As a normal person, yes I expect to give the hat back. They run from the $50 and up range. Apparently you are not a worldly person who has knowledge of price of things out of Podunk Central. That's sad, you should get out more. This isn't a McDonald's toy. Good luck in the future because it sounds like you are going to have a rough time if you think you should give a horrible review to a restaurant because they asked for there handmade expensive sombrero back.
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