Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hormones A Plenty

As many of you may know I am expecting the birth of my first child early this summer 2014.
I have always given respect and acknowledgement to the various hormone fluctuations of the female body and attribute things that happen in the world occasionally to them. Today I changed the world for the better due to my hormones. As crazy as it sounds I got another lane at the grocery store opened up because my raging hormones forced me to speak up, make a loud dinging sound and proclaim that I could not help it out loud because I was pregnant and for everyone to just ignore me. Which they did not while realizing they had a crazy on their hands! It felt good and most of the people around me were chuckling.
It is a hell of a lot better than the crazy pregnant lady in Florida(From SC!!) that drove her mini van into the ocean with her three kids inside. Lord please help that lady!!
These hormones are worse than puberty hormones because I have a great memory and I do remember those! Your body is doing even more crazy stuff than before! You really don't want to know about that and if you did you'd go buy a prenatal book anyway!
My last crazy hormone ordeal of the day (so far it is 5:35pm) I decided I needed a haircut. I can tell because after finger combing I get to the end of my hair and there is a ratty ball of kinked up hair that wont do right anymore. Some of yall know what Im talking about, my natural curly haired gals ;) - Grass is always greener!
So Ive gotta post a pic if I can figure out how. I should've went to Great Clips but went to another place where the lady must not have had her Wheaties... I simply asked for a wash, trim, and blow out. Simple enough? When we got out of the sink and got down to business she asked me what I wanted to do with my bang. Insert frowny face here because I do not have a recognizable bang its a downward slope just like my life. Just kidding. But really it does not have a shelf or level layer if that makes any sense. Evidently it did not to her by her expression so I told her just to follow the lines already in place nothing new just an equal amount off throughout. My hormones must be making my hair grow at different rates because you've got to see this not so sloping line. When will I ever learn? Never!
It is great to be blogging again! Hope everyone is super and enjoying the increasing amounts of sunshine we are receiving. Till next time!