Thursday, May 5, 2011

Herds of People running running

Tomorrow is the Swamp Rabbit Trail 5K.

The feelings I have inside are nervous, anticipation, dread, and relief yes all at once.
It will be the biggest race yet with 8,000 attending. I just got an email stating that you should probably try to get there at least an hour before the race since parking will be a problem. This race is held in a very small town called Traveler's Rest that has maybe ten restaurants and a high school graduating class that has never topped 250. It is bound to be a true cluster situation.
My biggest goal for this year is beating last years time. Last year I finished in 49 minutes and am hoping to finish somewhere around 45 minutes Ill let you know how that turns out.
To prepare for the event the day of the race no heavy meat will be consumed that will take a lot of energy to digest or weigh me down. Its peanut butter toast with green tea and a splash of gatorade to keep me light, hydrated, and metabolically in order.
After the race is over it is time to eat a big ole steak with a baked potato and A1 sauce slathered all over it oh and a beer! Yum .
Wish me luck everyone!