Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For the furry babes

I dedicate this Blog to Cheeva Bear who is currently in rapid decline due to a nose tumor.

I believe the saying about when you love an animal part of your soul awakens.
All the years, all the pets that were my very best friends, laughed at all my jokes and licked away all the salty tears with their rough and scratchy or soft and stinky tongues.
There were the kitties who were part of my life so long ago they shall remain nameless for the sheer fact that I cannot remember their names. These very special kitties and I had times that will never be forgotten, such as always bringing my jello popsicle outside so I could coerce them to crawl up my blue jean legs and when they made it to the top they were allowed to have a lick of the creamy vanilla chocolate pop.
Kids nowadays could not do this because of those jeggings with a cats claws would have you screaming like a banshee.
There was the Collie Lula that just showed up at our house one day like so many of our animals we would take in. Now that I think about it, growing up at our house out in the country with the huge yard must have been considered appealing by the people who needed to pull a "drop-off" for whatever reason.
Lula was beautiful and posessed the perfectly sweet Collie face with the expressive eyebrow markings that were the canvas for my dog makeover shows.
As you all know I love to perform, and sometimes while im talking to you, will catch a glimpse of myself in the window pane and become ever slightly more animated when Im seeing "the show". Lula loved the attention as well and we were a great team. Using my tropical issue Crayola markers would apply the blue skies color right below the expressive doggy eyebrows for that 1970s ultra glamour. Next I would apply the Mango Sunset rouge to the nonexistent apples of her cheeks, ie. right below the slanted Collie eyes. And voila what we had on our hands was Lula the circus dog! How magical and transformative the power of make-up was. Quickly the make-over show turned to Lula the circus dog performs for all! So we'd have to run out of the house and into the garage where we found the hula hoop that she would be jumping though. And the story went on for hours.
Ah the love of a dog for anyone with a kind heart whether they be a child, mentally insane, homeless, or lucky enough to have an owner that can take them to the vet as needed, or feed them regularly. But never would they judge you for anything, a meal not on time, etc. Their love transcends.
Please kiss your pet for me and be glad for the time that you have with them.
Bridgette and Patrick my thoughts are with you and Cheeva.