Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A lovely soul

I have a great friend on this earth.
We have lived together a couple times and propelled each other to new heights of learning about ourselves and the world around us. We know just what to do to make each other laugh and when its time to laugh. We ponder together over miles and miles about the importance of our roles in the world.  We remind each other of just how little the critic that hates us opinion matters. When we can pour our hearts out no more we flip the switch together.
She takes the pencil out of my hand and sketches a bigger world where my dreams can come true. Even though she knows my biggest fears she would never use them against me. When her heart hurts so does mine. Even though we are both still spring chickens, there are no gurantees, she knows if I go first she will speak at my funeral. I recently expressed how a huge new fear had emerged, that at my funeral it would not be a reflection of who I was as a person. I told her to wear something that we would wear out together to have a drink maybe a boa for dramatic effect. I wish this because life should be full of surprises. If I ever have to stand up at her funeral I will tell them of her love for everyone and everything. Her curiosity about the world, her jubilance in relaying facts and fun information about our world to the readers of various publications her articles have been printed in. I will tell her story on this earth and how she made it a much better place to live by just being herself.
I will tell a story of a girl I moved in with in college that attempted to make hot cocoa with milk in the coffee maker and eventually made better cookies than I did. A girl who never stopped dreaming big, kicking butt and taking names. And a girl who gave me one of the best presents ever given by being a real true friend! Denise K. James thank you for being you and no one else and for doing it your way!



  2. I love the line "She takes the pencil out of my hands and sketches a bigger world where my dreams can come true."

    Thanks for the kudos. <3